3 Reasons why you must start video marketing in 2020

Power of Video Marketing in 2020

Are your ad campaigns not working like before? worrying what is the reason for it? Apart from targeting the wrong audience and unclear ad copy, There might be another Big mistake you might be doing… That is relying only on text or image marketing. These days, A Section of internet users are showing interest only in watching videos and ignoring the text content. That doesn’t mean text and image marketing will no longer work, You could still continue with those methods and succeed with them. But if you are not trying Video marketing then you are missing a Powerful marketing method and your competitor might be having the upper hand.

3 Reasons why you must start video marketing in 2020

1. Video is the best way to engage the audience: Videos have better engagement than images or text. A user spends more time on videos than text content.

2. Video is more informative and gives a clear idea about your product: Videos give precise information about products to your target audience.

3. Videos drive more leads and conversions: This is our own experience when we used Video in an ad set in a campaign, That ad set gave the best results. We got 53% more leads compared to the image campaigns.






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