Increase Facebook Page Likes organically: 5 Powerful ways

how to increase Facebook page likes

There are many ways to increase Facebook Page likes or followers. But increasing without spending on ad campaigns can be tricky. Small businesses may do not have enough budget to spend ‘like’ campaigns. We need a strategy to increase Facebook Page followers organically. There are a few powerful strategies to increase followers orginically. here are Top 5 among them.

5 Powerful ways to increase Facebook Page Likes organically

1.Create an engaging content on a trending topic

This is the most powerful way to increase organic followers. Leveraging Trending topics gives excellent results in a short time. Find a trending topic and create attractive visual content. Visual content is the most powerful way to increase organic followers. Leveraging the Trending topic gives excellent results in a short time. Find a trending topic in your niche and create attractive visual content. Visual content on trending topic has a high success rate. Make sure the content is relevant to your niche. Social Media users like to share about trending topics leading to increased organic reach.

2. Create a Live Poll to get the attention

This resource is usually overlooked. Live Poll is an excellent tool to increase organic engagement and reach. In addition to the increased engagement, This tool also makes you know more about your followers.

Creating a Live Poll on the Facebook page is very easy. Click here and select Create Live Stream. Select your page and Select on Polls option

how to create a live poll to increase Facebook page likes organically

live polls attract attention

Facebook Polls usually get better responses compared to regular text posts. The organic reach of Facebook Polls is also higher than regular posts.

3.Participate in forums and Share your page link

Participating in online public forum discussions is also a very powerful trick to increase the exposure of your page. Share your Facebook page along with your post and ask people to like your page for more information. Make sure your post gives some value to the people. Your post should not look like spam in the forums. If you ask simply to like your page without providing any content, people will ignore and you don’t even get clicks on your link.

4. Join as a Page on Facebook Group

Instead of joining from your personal profile, You can join as your Page and be active in the Facebook group to get organic exposure. Share valuable content and information related to your niche in the groups. Create Viral content and share it in the groups as your page. This way you can attract organic traffic to your page from the groups.

5. Comment as a page on other Facebook pages

This is the easiest way compared to the above way. Find Popular pages related to your niche and comment on posts as your page. Many Facebook users like to read comments on posts. While commenting you can use images to attract the attention of the audience.


Bottom lines: These are 5 powerful ways to increase Facebook likes organically. If you do it in the right way you can attract Facebook users to your page. Always remember, Content is the Key. You should always take care of the content while using the above tricks.  And also, ads are always a good and time-saving way to increase your followers.  ALL THE BEST

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