Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging – What to do & what not to do when blogging

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Blogging is not an easy job. It needs dedication, consistency, good content in a specific topic, and overall passion to enjoy that work. If you miss anyone from these, The probability of failure will be high. Many bloggers give up too early after starting their blog because they think they can earn good money from day one. They fail to realize the fact that they need to be consistent to drive the results.

Note: If you are blogging just for fun or as a hobby then this article is not for you. But if you are serious about making money from blogging Then go through the complete article.

Let’s talk about common mistakes you should never make

5 Don’t do’s of blogging in 2020

  1. Starting a Multi-niche or a News blog: This is the most common mistake. If you are serious about earning money from your blog, You should avoid creating a multi-niche blog. Because compared to a niche website, A Multi-niche website is hard to rank. And also never start a news website. There are already tons of brand news websites out there. Unless you own a big news channel, News blogs with a single writer will never work.
  2. Picking a topic that you don’t have knowledge about: This is another common big mistake. Just to target high-value keywords, some people start blogging about a niche that they don’t have knowledge about. If you don’t know what to write or don’t have full knowledge about what the topic you chose, that’s enough to make you fail. So, choosing the right topic for you is important when you starting a blog.
  3. Starting with a free blogging platform: If you are blogging just for fun or just as a hobby, It’s ok to blog with a free platform. But if earning money is the main motive you should always start with a self-hosted platform. A free blogging platform gives you very limited features, You cannot customize your blog and there are no tools to optimize your blog which are important for SEO.
  4. Blogging about useless and no value topics: Not every topic has value. Some topics are useless & don’t have the value. For example, if you create a personal blog and start blogging about your daily activities no one will read it unless you are a celebrity. And also you cannot monetize such kind of blogs.
  5. Ignoring Social Media: Social Media Presence is important in 2020. If you are ignoring social posting, Then you are missing a major platform that can good traffic to your blog. Good Social Media Presence is also important for SEO

5 Do’s of blogging in 2020

  1. Choose a specific niche: Choosing a single niche is the best way to succeed. It is easier to get ranked in a search engine when you are blogging about a specific topic.  You should have a good knowledge of that topic and you must be passionate about that
  2. Use multiple Monetization methods: Always use multiple Monetization methods to earn money from your Blog.  Start Affiliate Marketing, Write sponsored posts, use direct ads, and use Google Adsense.
  3. Spend resources on promoting your blog: When your blog has sufficient content, Try paid ad campaigns to promote your blog, that would be a good boost to your blog in the initial stage.  Spend time on doing off-page SEO like social bookmarking and forum posting
  4. Create and post on your Facebook Page: Create a Facebook page for your blog and share your blog posts regularly on that page
  5. Do internal linking: Internal linking is not only good for SEO, but it also reduces your blog’s bounce rate. Internal links increase your blog page views.

In addition to the above, You should be consistent in blogging to taste success. Be patient and keep on publishing the quality content. Happy Blogging!!

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